Using with Eagle


To run FreeRouting a java runtime enviourment is needed next to the FreeRouting executable. Many system should already have it installed by default. If it is missing on your system, you can download it from the Oracle Homepage.

The easiest way to install the FreeRouting executable is to install the LayoutEditor package. It includes a compiled ready to use FreeRouting in the bin folder of the LayoutEditor package. To start the FreeRouting application just press on the freeRouting.jar file. Alternative you can download the FreeRouting source files from this web page and compile it with the Java Developer Tools.


The steps to use Eagle with freeRouting are:

  • Export the board design to the Spectra Design File (.DSN). There is a brd_to_dsn.ulp for this task.
  • Execute Freerouting with this DSN file and store the results.
  • FreeRouting can store the data as Eagle Session Script. This script can be executed by Eagle. Alternative there are options to import a Spectra Session File to Eagle.